Development in Context Lab

Yaffa Chen
Yaffa Chen

I have a BSc in Life Science and Education, a Teaching Certificate in Biology, an MA in Education in Science and Technology, and an MBA in Management from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. I am currently in the midst of my doctoral studies in the Department of Counseling and Human Development at the University of Haifa.

I have worked in formal and informal education frameworks - in teaching, managerial and systemic positions with populations with special needs.

When I was the CEO of AHVA (NGO), I initiated change processes and led educational  processes for people with special needs. During my position as AHVA's director, I had the privilege of being part of a civilian leadership program within the framework of the US Embassy. This was an opportunity to learn more about the third sector, its values, and its common principles.

Today, I'm teaching biology in high school and conducting training in a project management organization.

I have seen the power of successful experiences to create a sense of ability, motivation, and a wish to improve the self, to be more self-confident and independent. Therefore, I am interested in investigating the effects of educational practices on expressions of motivational behavior and the connection to internalization of values among learners.

The title of my dissertation: “The role of teachers in shaping students' values and behaviors: examining the relationship between teaching practices, internalization of prosocial values and social behavior in the class”

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Hagit Dinelton
Hagit Dinelton

I’m a Psychotherapist, with an MEd in Educational Counseling. I am also conducting a preliminary study to become a candidate for doctoral studies, and I am a lecturer on the Michal Daliyot method in a family counseling program on "The Modern Family" at Ohalo College.
My research focuses on the personal experience of teenagers and their families returning to Israel, the emotional process of and transitions involved in returning to a culture that once felt like home.
At a time when globalization and immigration affect a growing number of people across the globe, it is important to look closely at the phenomenon of "reverse culture shock". Returning to one’s country of origin requires a deeper understanding of the challenges facing individuals at various stages of life, especially adolescents.
Thesis title: "'There is no place like home, but I did not feel at home’: The experiences and coping methods of teenagers and their families returning to Israel"

Einat Elizarov
Einat Elizarov

I graduated with an honors BA in Counseling and Human development and Special education from Haifa University. I'm now in my second year in a PhD direct route, completing my MA in Education and Human Development while simultaneously working on my PhD thesis.
Research: My PhD research examines the associations between values, social information processing and behavior in preschool children. I'm interested in values development and the social schemas and mechanisms which may be involved in and have an effect on young children's social behavior.
Teaching: In the Counseling and Human Development Department (Faculty of Education, Haifa University), I teach in a BA course called "Research Experience in Educational Context." In this course, second-year students learn the meaning of educational research and get their first experience conducting research and writing a research seminar thesis.

Yfat Gavish
Yfat Gavish

I am married to Shahaf and a mother to Adar and Evyatar. I have BA in Biochemistry from Technion and an MA in Psychobiology from Tel Aviv University. After receiving these degrees, I changed my career path partly out of interest and partly because of a sense of mission. I now have an MA in Educational Counselling from Haifa University and am a PhD student in that program.
I study the prosocial behavior of adolescents and adults, investigating mechanisms that may explain value-behavior relations and value-change-behavior relations and the role cognitive components play in those relations. I propose an integrative empirical framework for examining how attention and interpretation influence the connection between values and prosocial behavior, following intervention. My vision is to lay the ground for comprehensive educational intervention, one which would promote self-transcendence values, individual well-being, and a healthier society.

Yasmeen Hijazy
Yasmeen hijazy

I'm married and a mother of two young daughters. I have a dual BA in Special Education and Counseling and Human Development, and hold a teaching diploma from Haifa University. I'm in my second MA year in Educational Counseling and working on my thesis proposal.
I have worked in two Special Education schools (learning defects and behavioral disorders). This experience sparked my interest in educational counseling. I want to communicate with students and teachers to improve learning conditions and contribute to students’ welfare. I also want to learn more about managing affective conversations. As a teacher and a mother of two daughters, I find this topic very interesting.
Thesis title: Values and pro-social behaviors: The relations between values, the emotion that follows them in a social situation, and pro-social behavior.